Orientation Summary

Hands Off Leadership

Exceptions are: Possible Harm to self or cadets

Cadet initiates contact with staff or cadre

General Safety


Campus Tours & Group Orientations:

Please contact your admission counselor to set up an appointment for Group Orientations and Campus Tours.

Cadets must receive 3 meals/day

Cadets must be allotted 8 hours of sleep/day

Cadets must attend 147 days of training

Cadets must pass
or improve on
core components:

Academic Excellence

Physical Fitness


Responsible Citizenship

Job Skills

Service to the Community

Health and Hygiene

Life Coping Skills


8 hrs during the residential phase.

21 years or older/ same sex as cadet.

Live in the same community/dependable and willing to follow though.

Application with references.

Proper following of all rules.

  • Complete mentorship paperwork and training.

Health Services

Any essential appointments must be arranged with health services.

Cadets are not allowed to miss any required activity.

All medical expenses while at TCP are your financial responsibility.

Tell us about any surgeries, hospital visits, or accidents.

Cadets must have a one month supply of medications. Medications must be properly labeled.


Cadets will be enrolled in 6 Classes (similar to public school).

Classes are Monday-Thursday; Fridays are electives.

All TCP teachers are certified with the State of.

Oklahoma Education Department.

Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) test will be given in Week 3 and again in Week 20.


There are no passes at this time.

Cadets must have a complete file to be accepted to TCP.

Sports Physical and Vaccinations must be complete to start the program.