Mentoring Program

The United States National Guard Bureau requires that each applicant must have at least one mentor while participating.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an older person or adult friend who provides encouragement, instruction and support to a younger person or younger friend by earning trust and modeling positive behaviors and characteristics.
Thunderbird military academy cadets seek in a mentor someone to look up to and who can provide learning opportunities through the mentor's own experiences. Most importantly, our cadets seek mentors to guide and support them to become whoever they choose to be.
Mentors take on the role of the Sergeants, Counselors, Educators, and all TCP staff
  • Important to cadet success

  • A positive role model

  • Supporter

  • Committed / Dependable

Have a mentor in mind?

Send your potential mentor the following page that describes the mentor program.


8 hours during the Residential Phase.

  • Home Passes
  • Mentor Passes

Mentor Qualifications

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Same gender as student
  • Live in same community as student
  • May not live in the same household as applicant
  • DEPENDABLE AND WILLING to follow through with the Residential and Post Residential phases of the program

Suggestions to find mentors

  • Neighbors
  • Schools – staff personnel
  • Churches
  • Police Officers
  • Firemen
  • Military personnel
  • Family Friends
  • Senior Citizens
  • Civic Organizations

Getting Started…
Matching process

Mentors will need to turn in the following forms by the beginning of the cycle, preferably before.

  • Mentor application
  • Two references (non-family members)
  • Interview questionnaire
  • Background check (handled by Thunderbird)
  • Onsite mentor training


You must have a complete file to be accepted to TCP


Cadets must be picked up on time.


Payments must be made at enrollment to NTC not TCP.


These must be completed before your student can enter.