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Thunderbird Challenge Program
501 South Elliott Street
Pryor Creek, OK 74361

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Monday–Friday: 7:30am–4pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Toll Free: 877-295-0932
Front Office: 918-824-4850
Fax: 918-824-4858

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Looking for someone in particular, below is a contact directory to get you in the right direction.

N.J. Bartley, Admissions Assistant918-824-4850
Shawn England, Admissions Coordinator918-824-4815
David Doughten, Admissions Counselor Central Okla.918-824-4854
BreAnna Crawford, Admissions Counselor NE Okla.918-830-0486
Bruce May, Admissions Counselor NW Okla.918-830-5246
Maritza Loza, SE Region & Spanish Rep
Sam McGregor, Admissions Counselor SW Okla.918-830-5898
Wendi Spurlock, Mentor Coordinator918-824-4853
Karen Layer, Case Manager918-824-4803
Rachel Olson, Case Manager918-824-4864
William Kagy, Case Manager918-824-4821
Traci Johnson, Commandant of Cadets918-824-4851
Stephen Fort, Assistant Commandant918-824-4839
Matthew Templemeyer, Lead Counselor918-824-4837
Christy Peters, Lead Instructor918-824-4887
Medical Administrator918-824-4814
Marcella Neal, Administrative Assistant918-824-4825
Phil Green, Staff Training Coordinator918-824-4866
John Fleming, Deputy Director
Chris Stout, Director