Cadet Brown gives his campaign speech prior to the election.

The results are in. The Cadets have spoken. When the dust settled on Monday, Cadet Nicholas Brown of 3rd Platoon emerged victorious. After a grueling campaign trail, 17 year old Brown of Oklahoma City narrowly defeated Cadets Joshua Cox, Hannah Dillard, and Blaine Fasthorse to become the Thunderbird Challenge Program’s Student Council President.

In his campaign speech, Brown spoke of the accomplishments of the Cadets over the first two months of TCP’s 22 week cycle, and he challenged them to remember why they entered the program and to stay focused on their individual and collective goals.

Asked how he felt about the responsibilities inherent in his role as Student Council President, Brown replied “I’m excited! It means more work for me, but I believe that I can manage it.” Brown went on to say that his primary goal is to make the rest of the cycle both enjoyable and productive for Cadets and staff alike.