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Looking for someone in particular, below is a contact directory to get you in the right direction.

Contact Phone Number
 N.J. Bartley, Admissions Assistant 918-824-4812
Shawn England, Admissions Coordinator 918-824-4815
Steven Doolittle Admissions Counselor NE Okla. 918-824-4854
Jesse Dorcsh Admissions Counselor SE Okla. 918-824-4872
Guy Keys, Admissions Counselor SW Okla. 918-830-5898
Bruce May, Admissions Counselor NW Okla. 918-830-5246
Toni Zetina, Minority Outreach, Admissions, and Public Relations 918-824-4809
Rhonda Sloan, Project/Event Coordinator 918-824-4883
Vicki Smiddy, Mentor Coordinator 918-824-4853
Wendi Reyes, Case Manager 918-824-4803
Tyana Whiteis, Case Manager 918-824-4864
Krystle Firpo, Case Manager 918-824-4821
CWO2 Jason Veach (USMC, Ret), Commandant of Cadets 918-824-4851
Tammy Yenny, Assistant Commandant 918-824-4839
Jeannie Cale, Lead Counselor 918-824-4837
Sherri Snyder, Lead Instructor 918-824-4887
Tammy Davis, Health Care Manager 918-824-4801
Vacant, I.T. Director 918-824-4835
Elaina Culver, Administrative Assistant 918-824-4825
LtCol (Ret) John Altebaumer, Director 918-824-4850
Chris Stout, Assistant Director 918-824-4850
Phil Green, Staff Training Coordinator 918-824-4866